Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally I downloaded my new background! And removed some of my images from photobucket to another image hosting site.It downloads images fast so you won't have any problems of viewing my blog. Now, I wanted to express my gratitude for:
Jeanette, she helped me to design my blog. I learned a lot of thinks from her amazing blog:
Kevin and Amanda
They do a great job! Posting free awesome fonts for scrapbooking and explaining a lot of things, that help you to design and change your blog.
And for all of you for the great comments,attention and support.
And I think we all should thank people that find freebies everyday, I mean Ikea Goddes(Angie) and Difi Free(Maria)
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P.S New Freebie's comming!


Binty said...

Love u'r blog layout its really cool especially the teddy bear and the stitching :) said...

You new blog design looks great!! :)

Allison said...

Loving your new blog design!

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog design but it makes me hungry!!

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