Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi all! I wrote my exam.Hope I'll pass =)
Now I have more free time, so I can do whatever I want to do ~ scrapping ~
Many people asked me to do something, which is related to Twilight. And then I decided to make a SUPER-AMAZING-MEGA-BEAUTIFUL "I love Twilight" kit. I have tons of pictures, which I changed a little bit, matched with other things and cropped. I included all the key scenes from the 1st and 2nd book (like edward's lullaby or baseball game). Don't know how do you feel about this kit, but I liked the result very much. I haven't seen any "twilight" kits before, so maybe mine is the first =) But you should win a competition to get the kit. A lucky winner will get the download link and the access password. I repeat my e-mail if you didn't see it on the image:
~ Hugs~

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