Saturday, July 4, 2009

I wasted all night trying to understand and design my blog. Wow! I made it myself, can’t believe… Everything seemed hard at first, but there are some sites ( like,, e.t.c) that clearly explain how to upgrade your blog.
You can find there some free stuff for your blog too.
Now I think about designing blogs, at least I can make headers and backgrounds, and these week I’ll post some of them. If you like my blog design I can do it for you. Just leave me a message or e-mail me: . Write in what style do you want your blog be designed and I’ll try to make it.

At the time I am working on "A Picnic Day Freebie" Mega Kit. Actually I already finished it, but I have some problems with my 4shared account.It will be available soon. Have a preview of it
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Rose said...

Your fruit kit is very cute! I also love your blog design, did you make the kit? If so I would love it if you shared! And if not, where did you get it? Love the birds, bees and colors, and beautiful picture of you at the top. I also love Twilight, I read the series in 4 days, and am scared to read it again as I don't want to get consumed with it all over again (at least not right now!)

rkramadh said...

I love this colorful kit! It's just gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

rona said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! love it all!

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