Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remember I promised to make "New Moon" kit? I am working on this right now, re-reading the book to catch and include all the deatils in it. It's going to be great! I want do my best and you can help me too:
1. Do you have any ideas what can I include in this kit? (wordart,elements,etc)
2. Does someone know where can I buy or download photoshop actions to scrap elements? (except atomic cupcake shop)
That's it :)
I took a time out in making "1000 places to see before die series" kit, that's why I posted "WildWildWest" kit and the next coming kits are related to twilight and new moon. As you can see I have much to do:) Will be waiting for your responses so I can begin to work on the kits.


N.T. said...

Sorry - I'm no help!

Rose said...

Your Twilight kit was fantastic!! The New Moon book was hard for me as I spent the entire time reading it waiting to see when Edward came back into the picture. (Not soon enough for my liking!!) So I don't know what to expect from a New Moon kit, and I haven't read it in a while either. I imagine since the book is more to do with the Wolves that there will be more elements to do with Jacob and his pack? As for actions, the only one I know of specific to scrapbooking is Atomic Cupcake, although I know you can get free brushes and stuff at
I'm sure whatever you design will be fabulous, can't wait to see it! (The only thing I would like to see as an element is maybe a flame like the one Bella sees in the water (that is actually Victoria) before she jumps?!

Anonymous said...

I think might have what you are looking for.

Laura said...

I have had these in my 'Favorites' for some time... so I am not guaranteeing the links all work.. but here are some free places that I have found over the last 3 years that I felt worthy enough to make them a favorite:

Action Central:

Glad to help, as it helps you create some great stuff that we sure appreciate :)

Your scrapping friend,
Laura from MI, USA

lildaisydaisy said...

So cool, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

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