Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi there, I've been MIA for such a looooong time, I can't believe its December already! Winter is my favorite season - my father's birthday on 27th of December, then Christmas, New Year and brother's birthday on 5th of January, so we are celebrating whole month :) If only you could see the amount of presents we prepare and give each other :)
Ok, I have lots of news and freebies for you today, but first of all announcement:
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And I have new kits released:
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And a free "Let It Snow" kit:
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And imagine that you write a letter to the Santa, what will you write to him? Leave your answers in comments and 3 the most interesting letters will win one of ANY of my designs of their choice, so go ahead))
All the best,
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Carmen said...

Dear Santa, please send Asal more time to make more of her beautiful kits. :)

Also, I'd like to ask if I could borrow your sleigh after Christmas - and the reindeer too, please - because I need a vacation to Vegas, and the airlines are just too expensive and the airports are just crazy.

Mostly, I'd like to ask that you please bring a really great job to my fiance. He's been so good this year, he gave me a ring and everything, so that would make him really happy.

Thanks Santa, remember, we have a REAL fireplace this year, so you can come down the chimney and you don't have to jimmy the locks. The cookies will be on the table, and the carrots for the reindeer are in the fridge, just tell Rudolph not to mess on the lawn again, okay?

Love, Carmen

And Asal, thank you for all the freebies!

Osli said...

Thanks for all, that I had from you. I advertised your call. Here is my blogpost:
Have good luck!
I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your freebie. I'm from Holland we do not have a Santa, we have Sinterklaas. He celebrates his birthday at 5 december and brings a lot of presents to the childeren. But if we had one, I would ask him to bring you some love and flowers from Holland.

Thank you very much for all your freebies and if I can do a little suggestion, I would love a Holland kit.


Anonymous said...

Totally cute Let it Snow kit. I'm expecting my 2nd son on December 9th & I love the bears in that kit. It will most likely be used to scrapbook a brother's pgae or something like that! It is so super cute & just what I was looking for! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

MIA... Did anybody miss you? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Asal,
Quel travail époustouflant tant vos progrès ont été rapides et remarquables !!
Très sincères félicitations pour toutes vos créations originales et talentueuses !!
Merci infiniment et faites attention ! À l'avalanche de cadeaux !! ;D
C from Paris :D

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