Sunday, October 3, 2010

A sneak peak of a coming kit and chance to win it!

Here is a little piece from my new coming kit:

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I really loved working on it!
And here is your chance to win it:
Leave a comment and on 8th of October I will release the kit and pick a winner :)


fl_connie said...

Oh, Honey! This looks like another of your fabulous travel/country kits! You do these better than anyone - can't wait to see this one!

Breeoxd said...

hope you had fun on your trip cant wait to see the kit!

Александра said...

Adorable kit! Love your new trend - brushes! They are marvelous!

Terri ( Meterr) said...

Id love this kit!!! How cool!!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Miss Honey,
I've just come back after a few months far from all technology :) ans a stay in hospital without beautiful...male nurses ! :(
I visited your blog just to say "Hello" but i've just seen a lot of new happenings. So, i'm going to read the posts that i missed and be back.
I hope everything is fine with you and your family.
C from Paris ☺

Cardinals Kate said...

I love your stuff and am so glad your coming out with a new kit! Thanks for the chance to win it, too! Can't wait...I've been pretty lucky lately! (I probably just jinxed myself :) )

Anonymous said...

Coucou Asal !
I acquainted myself with all your last posts and will definitely be back later on as i wouldn't miss..."Inspector Barnaby" just starting on TV !
C from Paris :D

Cris Caexeta said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Nicole said...

Looks great, thanks for the chance to win it!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Looks like it will be a great set! Thank you for the chance to win it!

Iowan said...

Wow, thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

love the swirls and Big Ben!!
Perfect for my London trip!

Nancy said...

Looks wonderful as usual! Thanks for the chance!

SharonKay said...

I totally love your kits and this one looks amazing. I hope I win it! Thanks for the chance.

VJ said...

Oh, this looks wonderful!!! My husband was born and partially raised in England, so this would be perfect to scrap some old photos of him while he lived there. He still maintains his English citizenship even though he has lived in the USA for a number of years now. Can't wait to see the entire kit and the chance to win it! Hugs, Vicki

MYLEIGH said...

What a stunning kit! I love the red that pops out in the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the full kit! I'm a fan of your designs! Thank you for the chance to win! :o)

KateSigh said...

Looks like a great kit! I'm new to digital scrapping, but having fun! We live in Germany w/ the military and have TONS of traveling pictures. Just found your site, but I'm going to be looking at your travel kits. :)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Asal,
So you've seen "Gone with the wind" 9 times !! The movie i've seen 6 is "The Rose" and its costumes are far away to look as elegant as in your film !!! I would like too that this fashion be back (if we are still allowed to wear pants ;) )It is so feminine. Rare are the times nowadays to turn our heads round on pretty dressed women.
By the way, i love the photo of you just above "4 quick pages made from my layouts for kits i listed above." (post June 10, 2010)
As to your readings, i can be of no help as i've never read a so-called good book of vampires. When i have a bloody scratch, i hesitate to call the firemen ! ;)
Reading that it was "hard for you to make good shots with manual focus with your Nikon D40", i thought you were an experienced amateur photographer (when i'm able to only use the automatic programs) when i arrived to "By the way, i don't know anything about cameras." Well, still enough not to be satisfied with your results, meaning you can make the difference with an experienced eye ! I do hope you'll have enough savings by February !
Picasso, Magritte, Kandisky etc. in fact all artists had and have their own period (blue, cow, cubist...), YOU have your white one. What more normal ?!
We can only be captivated looking at your kits and admiring the giant steps you've made concerning quality in so little time taking in consideration that you are a full time student !!!
Your imagination is limitless, your creativity amazing and your long and hard work a success. Hats off !
What will you study this year ? Has it started yet ?

I thank you for your talent, your generosity and for sharing your numerous interests with us.
I wish you all the best.
C from Paris :)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Asal !
I was just passing to read your eventual new posts when i saw your announcement about winners... :-o !!
Am i thrilled (like KateSigh surely) to win these kitS !!!!! ;) (;) is for the S)
Thank you ever so much for this magnificent treat !!
I'll write you soon !
Bien amicalement.
C from Paris ☺ ♥♥

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