Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introduction To The World of Digital Scrapbooking Part 1

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I have been asked for several times to introduce some basic information about scrapbooking to the people who have been recently introduced to the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking. That is not surprising because back in 2008 I didn’t know what scrapbooking is myself. I was doing something similar but it was rather collage making than scrapbooking. First of all scrapbooking goes much deeper than collage: every scraped page has a story to tell. And I think recording the most beautiful pieces of your life is very important for you, for your family, friends, etc. And it is a unique way of expressing yourself. So if you haven’t started digital scrapbooking yet I strongly advise you to. It is the best hobby you could think of!
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The first thing you will need to start is proper software. I use and used for a long time Adobe Photoshop CS3 – 4, and I have tried Adobe Elements 7 too. But you can start with some basic software like My Memories Suite, Digital Scrapbook Artist, Hallmark Scrapbook Studio, and others. Further information and details you can find here (including reviews and purchase on-line).

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As soon as you have got the software you will need some graphics to embellish your pages. Then you can go to an on-line shop that provides the high quality digital products. Usually the kits are consist of elements (in .PNG format) and backgrounds (in .JPG format) all created at 300 .dpi for the best print quality. There are some tagger kits too: the elements are of a smaller size with 72 .dpi resolution. Basically they are used for posting the pages in the web but not for printing. Visit this page for more information about the tagger kits.

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The thing I loved about the digital scrapbooking is a large amount of freebies! Some designers make really cute stuff and they let you download it for free. Check out these sites: DigiScrapDepot, Hand Picked Freebies, MScraps, or simple just check my blog.

As long as you have something to create with start to experiment, recolor, change the size, move and alternate the elements on your page. If you don’t know how search for the tutorials on web: there are tons of them and all can be really helpful in discovering digital scrapbooking.

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